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P A T H  Torbay

PATH Torbay is a local charity running a food and support service in Torbay.


We offer support to the homeless; vulnerably housed; individuals struggling with complex needs in our community, local families in crisis or food poverty. PATH Torbay connect with statutory services, other local charities, churches, alliances, and other food partners agencies. 


Since the worldwide pandemic PATH Torbay has continued to provide for a variety of different needs, including different style food parcels, some hot takeaway meals, essential provisions, advice, and signposting. PATH Torbay rely on donations of all food, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, toiletries, dog/cat food, cold and hot drinks.

PATH Torbay also need sandwich makers, donation collectors, and volunteers to help at our centre in The Vanilla Pod in Union Street Torquay

Where to find PATH Torbay

07763 398 238
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