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If you would like to know more about PATH Torbay or more information on Volunteering you can contact PATH Torbay via phone or email. 

PATH Torbay

Path Torbay is a registered Charity

Charity Number 1173039

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07763 398 238

Path Torbay Hand Warmers Appeal

Path understand the injustice of homelessness too well.
We also know that there are many, who have been living in tents or doorways for far too long, and unless they are very lucky, will suffer badly this winter.


Trying to keep warm outside in the winter is very hard, and every Handwarmer we give out, is very much needed to stay warm. 

But you can help in so many ways.
For starters we give out 100s of HotHands Handwarmers every winter. We’ve tried them all and these last the best.
Sadly though we have less than a weeks worth left to give out.
Please help PATH Torbay by donating where you can.

      The Co-op are supporting  PATH Torbay 


PATH’s home needs a lot of refurbishing. In particular, the kitchen needs to be completely refitted so we can provide a better service, including hot meals to our clients.


About this cause

We provide support and assistance to homeless people in Torbay. We run the largest food bank in Torquay and give out around 1200 meals, including lunch bags and food parcels, every week. We are part of the Torbay Food Alliance, a network of charities that coordinates to provide targeted support for local people in need.


How this cause brings people in the community together


PATH supports some of the most vulnerable people in Torbay. Our project to renovate the kitchen facilities at our headquarters will mean we can enhance our food service to people suffering from food and fuel poverty. We will once again be able to provide hot meals as part of our food parcels. It will also provide a better environment for our amazing volunteers to work in and may enable us to expand our services.


Remember to choose Path Torbay to be your chosen charity on your membership card.

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